Thursday Thought — When Abuse Occurs the Rules Change

Posted: January 30, 2015 in Uncategorized

So very true!

I often wish I had pulled boxes off the shelves right out in public so that people would know that something was terribly wrong. I even thought at times how great it would be to stand up right in the middle of a sermon and challenge the pastor for the way that I was being treated.

“When abuse occurs the rules change.” I should have followed the new rules!

A Cry For Justice

‘When the line has been crossed over into real abuse, the rules change and do a 180.’

I learned that from a child abduction and security expert when he was on a talk show.  The situation that security expert gave as an example was (paraphrasing): “We teach our children to be behaved and polite in public.  This is a good thing when they are with loving, safe, and protective adults.  If they’ve been abducted, or are in any danger, teach them the rules completely change.  If they are even brought to a grocery store, then start pulling boxes off the shelves and making a mess. . .anything to bring attention from other adults who could help.”

This is a simple, simple proviso for victims of abuse, and all pastors and counselors should be taught it.  It is also something all kindergartners should be taught. [comment posted on our Facebook by…

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