How to Contact Us

You will see that my story is password protected.  While I don’t share any real names or places, I am still wary of sharing the story publicly.  If you would like to read my story, please email me at the address below.

Also, if you have been hurt by the church and would like to know that someone understands and cares, you may contact us privately by sending an email to:


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  1. Diana T says:

    My name is Diana, and I have been hurt by the rejection of almost every church I’ve tried to attend. I am a smart, funny and thoughtful student nurse, but most importantly I am loved so much by Jesus. This pattern of rejection confuses and overwhelms me.

    I want to tell more of this story, but the raw emotions it brings up are too fresh, too powerful. May I email you my story when I am ready?

    – Diana

    • Ellen says:

      Absolutely! I must say, I wept deeply throughout writing my story and every time I talked about even the smallest part of it. I still tear up at times when I talk to people about it. There is no wound so deep as the wounds to our spirit and I’m pretty sure we never truly “get over it.” The bleeding may slow or the wound may scar over, but even then, the scar remains and that part of us may never be able to function well in the place of what was normal and healthy. Take all the time you need. Maybe tell your story in little chunks as you are able rather than trying to write the whole thing down all at once. Whatever you decide is okay.


      • Tess says:

        Dear Ellen
        Please may I also email you telling you my story?

        I live in UK and cannot find anyone who really understands my story.
        I am very hurt and stressed , not coping with my life.

        This experience at church has devastated me, making me on edge and afraid to go out into certain areas around where I live.

        I am concerned that you may not have the time or resources to keep in touch with me and that will be another rejection.

        Please reply if you are able

        Teresa Dexter

      • Ellen says:

        Yes, you are welcome to email me!

        Please don’t fret if I don’t respond right away. I am a music teacher and we are preparing for competition next week!

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