“Religion will molest you, and then accuse you of being bitter about it.”

Posted: April 28, 2015 in Uncategorized
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I’m not really great at this wordpress thing, so I haven’t mastered the art of links in my posts, but this is just too important so I wanted to share it with my readers.  I have heard every one of these – some much more than others – and if you have been spiritually abused, there’s a good chance you have heard them, too.  Thank you to Jonathan Hollingsworth for writing this article which appears at relevantmagazine.com.


  1. a prodigal daughter returns says:

    That was a great share. Anyone sharing an experience of any type of betrayal doesn’t need to hear these common responses. Sadly, it is most often “religious” people responding with complete indifference hidden in spiritual sounding exhortations

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