Welcome to Church, Hope You’re an Ear

Posted: April 17, 2015 in Uncategorized

What a great way to frame this! For those of us who have been told we cannot serve in our church – only to warm a pew- one must ask how this is God-honoring? As the author says, we are to use our gifts so if we are denied that opportunity – especially to the point of being told we can do NOTHING in the church, the church is not following basic scriptural guidelines. I believe the author hit the nail on the head in that the truth of the matter is that we who are told that we are not welcome to serve are not wanted at all. How Christian is that?

knitting soul


“You can come to our church, but you can’t serve.”

The first time I heard those words, I was sitting in a living room one summer evening. There had been countless meetings about my thoughts on music before I took over as the worship director and then countless after I began to implement the changes that I had laid out in those previous months. Despite assurances that what I wanted to do was okay and in line with the vision of the church, when there was pushback, the leadership decided that the old ways were easier.

The second time I heard those words, I was in a sanctuary, trying to figure out how something that I never hid suddenly made me unfit to play the piano in our church. We heard that we were to love our son, but not to support him, and why would we want to attend a…

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