An Open Letter, To The People Sharing Open Letters To Those Writing About What’s Wrong With The Church

Posted: January 27, 2015 in Uncategorized

Well said.

john pavlovitz


If there’s anything spoiled, entitled Christians love to do, it’s tell other Christians how to feel and react, (well that, and be outraged at how they feel and react).  

Like the self-appointed cool kids in high school; deciding who makes the rules, who gets a voice, and who gets their books knocked to the ground in the hallway; they stand armed with computers and Scripture sound bites, always at the ready to shut down dissent and crush opposition whenever it begins to grow—in the name of Jesus.

They’re used to having the run of the campus, and they’ll use all sorts of tactics to keep it.

The bullies always will.

The truest thing about power, is that those with it are always most resistant to it ever changing hands. If the status quo has you on top of the mountain, you’ll fight like hell to hold that holy ground.

Whenever any corrupt…

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