Cowardly Lions

Posted: January 2, 2015 in Uncategorized, When Church Hurts
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My brother is a Patriot Guard Rider. Patriot Guard Riders stand as honor guards at the funerals of our military. When my brother invited me to join him last summer in a “mission” for a local marine who had been killed, I was humbled at the level of respect and dignity that these men and women demonstrate when serving as Patriot Guard Riders.

This morning, I saw via Facebook, an email that had been sent yesterday – New Years Day – to the man who has served as a Ride Captain for several years. The email, with no explanation at all, relieved him of his duties as Ride Captain. Effective immediately.

Via email.

And I thought, “What cowards!”

Just like the pastor who emailed my husband just over a year ago and tossed us out of the church. No phone call. No meeting. No face-to-face conversation. No explanation.

And I am convinced that the reason these so-called “leaders” – whether it be of my former church or of the Patriot Guard Riders or any number of organizations – the reason they cannot speak to us face-to-face is because they know that they cannot give legitimate reasons for their decisions. They know that their reasons are selfish, politically motivated, lacking in character or integrity, and simply WRONG.

So they hide behind emails. They avoid having to answer hard questions or being held to even the most minimal standards of courtesy.

They are cowards.

Cowards. Grasping power and control by running off those whom they envy, those whose questions they fear, those whose stories must be silenced if they are to maintain their facade of righteousness. Not willing to live what they profess to believe – not willing to live with decency, sincerity, truthfulness, or honor.

Cowards who behave with bravado but who secretly shudder in fear of ever being found out.

And the true heroes are those of us who are tossed aside. Because we stood – and continue to stand – for what is right and good and honorable. With integrity and character.


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