Day 21 of 21 Days of Healing: Rewrite Your Story

Posted: November 30, 2014 in Uncategorized, When Church Hurts
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“For God so loved the world you . . .”

Day 21

Way back on Day 2, I encouraged you to reclaim your power by writing and telling your story. As we finish up these 21 days, I want to encourage you to RE-write your story. Maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow. But sometime soon.

Only this time, let go of the parts of your story that do not serve you well.

For a long time, I identified myself as someone who was tossed out of the church, spiritually abused, unwanted, unworthy, unnecessary, etc. Today, when I think about who I am and what my story is, I think, “strong, happy, kind-hearted, loyal, faithful, beautiful, confident, gracious, generous, loving.” And I think of all of the ways that I demonstrate those attributes.

The fearful, cowering person that I was no longer exists.

So while I have chapters in my life that were horrific, today I am a different person. I have a different story to tell.

And while I continue to talk about spiritual abuse, it’s not because I am bitter or still mired in pain. It’s because I am confident, generous, kind-hearted, loyal, and caring. It’s because I want to let others know they are not alone. And that there is life after spiritual abuse. Abundant life.

So rewrite your story. You have already started. Keep going. And come back here to visit and share. I would love to hear from you.


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