The Jesus Mafia: Christian Intolerance To Criticism (And Why You Never Go Against The Family)

Posted: August 27, 2014 in Uncategorized

When I was tossed out of my church for telling my story on a blog, the leadership discussed the situation with a woman who was not even on the staff before I knew anything was even amiss. She then told me that because I “told” they were very upset with me. Never mind that I had tried for over a decade to do the “Matthew 18 thing” and get the leadership to even begin to tell me why I was being ostracized. Very few people have supported me in pointing out the problem – and while they may not overtly declare that I am the problem for pointing out the problem, many have let me know in subtle ways. But, I will not be silent. Thank you, John Pavlovitz, for writing.

john pavlovitz


“Don’t ever take sides against the family.” – Michael Corleone

There’s always a price to pay for talking about stuff that matters, and that’s especially true when doing it in the public arena. You learn pretty quickly out here in Blogville, that if you say anything, there will be people who won’t like what you say, who’ll resent you for saying it, and who will attack you, your motives, and your momma because you said it.

As a naturally opinionated person; one who believes in what he says, I’m really comfortable with conflict. (It’s been said that I have the spiritual gift of Agitation).

I’ve always believed that honest, open, respectful confrontation brings about really great things, even if the two sides are quite far apart, both at the beginning, and even at the end of it all.

Real conversation always stretches you.

It forces you to see things with fresh lenses, it yields a new understanding of another, and…

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